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KPMG uses FastTrack360 to manage short-term Contingent Workforce



KPMG are a global network of professional firms that provide Audit, Tax and Advisory services across a wide range of industries, Government and not for profit sectors. In Australia alone, KPMG have approximately 6,700 people, including over 400 partners with 13 offices around the country.

To deliver outcomes for clients that require specialist skills, KPMG have a frequent need to hire contingent workers to supplement their existing employee base and expand their extant internal capability.

With a dedicated team established in the last 3 years to wholly own the contingent workforce recruitment function, KPMG faced several issues in establishing agile and consistent recruitment processes, where it often took too long to find the right people and in some cases, the opportunity to hire the right person or deliver on the client objective were missed.


Agility – Establish a consistent, efficient and effective process to recruit, manage and pay contingent workers.

Visibility – To be able to view and generate reports over all the recruitment activity, including number of contractors and revenue generated per team member.


In October 2014, Nick Pieper, Contingent Workforce Practice Lead, and his team entered the market for a recruitment software to facilitate and manage the process.

Decision criteria:

  • Able to work with their current enterprise application software
  • Scalable to grow
  • Data is kept securely and centralised
  • Reduced manual processes
  • Cost friendly compared to their current prohibitive in-house systems

The team shortlisted to four vendors for intensive evaluation, including their existing in-house systems, and selected FastTrack360 as their recruitment platform of choice based on its ability to meet their specific requirements and in the FastTrack team to deliver on the promise.

“The people made the real difference. They were always polite and supportive, always patient with our numerous and varying requests, consistently followed up and delivered.”, said Nick.  “No system is perfect, so we chose a partner we knew we’d have a good relationship with.”

FastTrack’s team spent a few days in Canberra working closely with Nick and his team to understand the KPMG system architecture and how best to setup FastTrack for the business.

“Implementation was a breeze, dead simple with no problems. The system ended up exactly what we asked for” said Nick.


“We exceeded our revenue budget by 200% and our margin budget by 333% by being able to manage our distributed contingent workforce and management team, reporting capabilities and scalability.”

  • Mitigated risks, reduced errors and greatly increased business scalability by having a central repository for all data;
  • Ability to efficiently and effectively manage contingent workforce, resulting in:
    • Improved margin management and exceeded margin expectations by 333%;
    • Exceeded revenue budget by 200%;
    • Consistent role management;
    • Ensuring compliance and independence is met;
  • Visibility across the entire recruitment function allowing the team to:
    • Review growth trends;
    • Identify areas where skills are consistently required;
    • Identify opportunities and which division and service line they are coming from;
  • Ability to report out to the broader business on contingent workforce activity and the value-add.

With agile recruitment processes in place, Nick and his team are now turning their focus towards creating awareness in the market that KPMG engage contingent workers.

Through FastTrack led learning and online support, the team are also delving deeper into using FastTrack360’s features and functions to maximize the value of the system, providing personalized outputs for different sections of the business, including future workforce composition to guide long term workforce strategies.

"We would absolutely recommend FastTrack360 to other organisations. No question in mind."

Nick Pieper

Contingent Workforce Practice Lead, KPMG

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