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Strategic outcomes achieved through FastTrack’s Business Process Review consulting program.

Torque Recruitment Group

The Business Challenge

Torque was a start-up company looking to make its biggest purchase: an IT system that would be the bedrock of its success.

Company founder David Byrnes, who had extensive experience in the recruitment industry, knew exactly what he needed in a system to best serve his business: “I wanted a product that was well supported, robust, integrated, and that could grow with us.

“It was particularly important that the payroll-billing system must be integrated and it must be incredibly robust. I expected to put it under enormous pressure because we planned quick growth in the labour hire side of the business.

“I also wanted powerful search capabilities in the CRM side of the software.”

The FastTrack Recruitment Management Solution

Torque was in the somewhat unusual position of being a start-up company, but planning quick and aggressive growth in booming industries (mining and construction). Byrnes knew from his industry experience that an entry-level solution would not meet his company’s needs for long.

He said: “It would be easy to say we over-purchased by buying the Enterprise product, but we knew that we would grow into it and that it would carry us for a decade or more. As it turns out, if we had bought a smaller version we would have already had to migrate.”

FastTrack’s consulting and technical team worked with Byrnes and his senior managers to establish business requirements and to map their planned processes and procedures into standard operating processes/procedures using their FastTrack system’s capabilities. This enabled Torque to contain costs because minimal customisations were required.

costs because minimal customisations were required.

The Results

  • Zero downtime in the two-and-a-half years the FastTrack system has been operational.
  • Scalability and cost-effectiveness of the product licensing, giving low annual operating costs per staff member.
  • High versatility and functionality of the payroll system to be able to handle complex on-hire and a multitude of awards, EBAs, allowances and deductions.
  • Minimal customisations required to standard FastTrack products to achieve processes and functionalities required.

“Like anything in life, when looking for a long-term relationship, you want to be dealing with people who give you confidence. Ultimately, your leap of faith is only rewarded if people live up to what they have promised. And that’s what FastTrack has done.”

Why choose FastTrack?

FastTrack’s suite ticked all Byrnes’s technical requirements, but he also found the company’s ‘intangibles’ compelling.

“The product has been in a competitive marketplace for a substantial period of time and FastTrack is a well-established company. Lots of different companies doing all different types of recruitment are using the product, at enterprise level and in smaller companies. That gives you confidence, too, because if you want to maintain clients you have got to have a very good product.

“So I had confidence in the longevity of product and the quality of how it was supported, which were both critical to me.”

“Within minutes of the initial BPR presentation, FastTrack had demonstrated how the equivalent of a part-time position could be reassigned in payroll processing to generate immediate time savings.”

Quantifiable and immediate benefits

Several suggested improvements extended the quantifiable business benefits, including:

  1. Processing time gains staff uniform payments migrated from time-consuming spreadsheets to system-calculated salary deductions
  2. Tighter business cash flow leverage invoicing to raise accurate accounts that meet precise client requirements with fewer credit notes and faster payment cycles
  3. Protecting margins automated time and allowance calculation to reduce operational overheads by eliminating manual timesheet interpretation
  4. Management reporting accessing built-in and custom reporting to identify areas of greatest activity, cost or reward and enable effective management decisions

By identifying operational efficiencies to build capacity within its existing Health team, the BPR has helped position Symmetry for future growth while avoiding incremental cost. Importantly, enabling FastTrack’s comprehensive management reporting means staff can now monitor and measure both progress and results.

Client perspective

Investing in a FastTrack BPR has the whole Symmetry business well-positioned to retain quality staff, grow organically and drive towards our goal of multiple, integrated offices.

The real advantage of the Business Process Review has been to help validate, discover and define the issues and offer practical, cost-effective solutions

“Symmetry recognised its new Health team was experiencing operational issues that needed attention to claw-back time and overheads. We just didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to pinpoint where, what and how the mid-level system could be leveraged for effective improvement.”

Health team staff was engaged very early in the process, in part because the BPR team were on-site.

“It was quite evident the FastTrack experts possessed strong industry experience and a wealth of knowledge that was accessible to us from the outset. This enabled us to introduce every-day task efficiencies even before the BPR report presentation. ”

Professional services, customer and product support

The initial FastTrack engagement was mostly driven by an internal knowledge gap. In summary, Symmetry is now accelerating the key organisational and integration efficiencies described in the BPR.

“I can’t think of another business powered by people with such appropriate experience and genuine passion for the solutions and services they offer. We know this capability extends to the technical and customer support that is foundational to FastTrack’s recognised industry leadership.”

How has FastTrack helped your business to grow?

This whole process has really been about discovering, developing and implementing business solutions to achieve key corporate and strategic objectives.

Symmetry now has the right processes and knowledge to drive a 24 point action plan centred on growth through business efficiencies that:

  1. Introduce robust systems and procedures to improve control, measurement and to guide best practice;
  2. Drive rationalisation of manual processes to improve accuracy and create increased capacity from existing resources;
  3. Enable effective timesheet and billing practices to maximise cash flow for reinvestment in future business growth.

In the end, it’s high quality candidates and client experiences that fuel a recruiting business’ growth and success. That’s what the experts at FastTrack and their Business Process Review has set us up to achieve.

“I can’t think of another business powered by people with such appropriate experience and genuine passion for the solutions and services they offer.”

“They have a good, critical look at what you are trying to do…they will ask, ‘Have you tried this way? Have you tried using this particular functionality?’…before walking down the path of talking dollars. I think that is such an honourable way to do business. The value system that sits behind that is very important when you are talking about long-term partnership.”

David Byrnes

Managing Director, Torque Recruitment Group

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