Google for Jobs: Are you ready?

Google for Jobs brings tailored job results into a Google search for the first time. Using machine learning and the keywords found in job descriptions, rather than just job titles, Google for Jobs categorises and groups jobs for the searcher. As Google scours the web to locate the right list of jobs for a particular search, listings will be pulled in from major industry players such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

This is potentially great news for employers and recruitment businesses who will benefit from the increased exposure of roles appearing on a Google search result. However, ensuring jobs are discoverable by Google isn’t as simple as just continuing to list them on a website. There are several technical requirements that businesses need to follow to ensure jobs are indexed on Google for Jobs, but what effect will successful indexing have on a business?

We look at some of the key areas that businesses need to work on now to help ensure they’re ready for the imminent launch of Google for Jobs in the UK.

Is your hiring process mobile friendly?

Google has stated that 60% of search traffic comes from mobile devices, so it’s essential to check your website to make sure it’s completely mobile friendly. You need to look beyond just how web pages appear on a mobile and make sure your entire recruitment process is mobile friendly from start to finish.

How speedy is your screening process?

Any recruitment team wants to move candidates through the hiring process as quickly as possible and reduce the time to hire. This speed of processing will become even more important if the volume of applications increases. Google for Jobs aims to send the right candidates to the right position, so employers could be potentially faced with more high-quality candidates than they’re typically used to.

Have you given your employer brand the attention it deserves?

If a business is successful in getting listed on Google for Jobs and ranking highly, it’s inevitable that they’re going to get more eyeballs on their brand, with increased searches on the culture, credibility and history of the company. While we wait for the launch of Jobs, now is the ideal time to work on social media channels, update bios and look at any reviews people have given to the company, before putting together a strategy to try and increase this rating if necessary.

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