Time for recruiters to get their heads in the cloud

There’s no doubt that cloud technology has transformed the way businesses use and store data as we know it. The biggest advantage it brings is the ability to centralise data and access it easily, eliminating the need for admin-heavy processes that have, for a long time, been holding businesses back.

With the traditional recruitment process of sourcing, interviewing and hiring consisting of endless paperwork, email trails and countless applications, not to mention a constant back and forth between clients and candidates, cloud provides the Holy Grail in its ability to grant instant access to the exact information needed, anywhere, anytime and from any device.

The knock-on effect of cloud technology enabling recruiters to act faster has resulted in a reduction in time-to-hire and increased revenues. We take a closer look at the advantages of cloud-based software in recruitment and why it’s changing the industry for the better.


Touching on the aforementioned time efficiencies, cloud-based recruitment technologies have single-handedly improved the speed and agility of the whole recruitment process, allowing recruiters to access the data they need from a single source, without the need to store it in different areas. This access streamlines all processes to save recruiters time, effort and eliminate confusion.


A common concern regarding cloud is that of security. Is it possible to stay in control of data that’s stored in the cloud? Absolutely. In fact, we’d argue that data is even more secure when it’s saved on a single, accessible cloud-based platform rather than copied and stored in various places. With stringent regulations like the GDPR changing the game for data gathering, storage and retrieval, a single cloud-based system is easier to manage and produce an audit trail for.

Cost savings

No one wants to shell out for another platform, but cloud-based software helps companies save substantial amounts of money in a number of areas. This includes the commercial square footage required to keep paper files, investment in hardware, software and servers that have to be maintained, upgraded and supported by technical staff, as well as any costs associated with hardware failures and the loss of productivity that goes with that. Not only are the installation costs for cloud-based software solutions low in comparison to setting up and maintaining a physical IT infrastructure, but cloud platforms can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your recruitment business today and be easily scaled up or down in the future.

Leveling the playing field

The recruitment industry has always been heavily populated with startups and small companies and cloud technology, with its low subscription costs and buy-what-you-need scalable model, is working to remove the barriers of entry, allowing these businesses to compete with major players for the first time.

Flexibility and Accessibility

The ability to access information at any time is important across all industries, but given most recruiters work outside of the traditional 9 to 5 schedule, having 24/7 access to important data is absolutely vital. Cloud software enables recruiters to have the round-the-clock access they need to deliver the best levels of service and communicate with candidates when they need to.

Far from a fancy, added extra for your recruitment business, cloud technology is a valuable tool that delivers tangible benefits and helps streamline recruitment processes quickly and easily. In other words, a no-brainer.

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