Why AI will add more to the recruitment industry than it takes away

A number of headlines have emerged in recent years that bemoan the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and that it’s going to drive recruiters into unemployment. However, what’s failing to be acknowledged are the ongoing issues arising from the recruitment process as we know it.

Whether it’s inefficient manual processes, ineffective applicant tracking systems or the overwhelming number of low quality applications submitted for online positions, both recruiters, along with clients and candidates, are becoming increasingly disenfranchised by what the recruitment industry has to offer.

That’s why developments like AI should be welcomed with open arms as a potential fix for these problems and embraced as the number one tool to accelerate processes. Unconvinced? Here are just a handful of advantages that AI offers to recruitment businesses.

Focusing on the right candidates

With the average amount of time a recruiter spends reviewing a CV standing at just six seconds, it’s arguable that there’s no way a meaningful decision can be made with regards to their skills. However, with a lot of recruiters drowning in hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of CVs for every position, it’s little wonder that most are awarded with merely a glance.

Already implemented in a growing number of recruitment businesses, AI technology is able to complete this initial CV assessment by searching for keywords and phrases to draw up a shortlist for the recruiter. Far from eliminating the role of the recruiter, it means they can spend more time on the right CVs to ensure faster and more effective hires.

A better experience for candidates

Before candidates balk at the idea of their CV being ‘judged’ by a machine, it’s worth considering the benefits that AI offers them. With a common candidate complaint relating to a lack of communication from an employer or recruiter once a CV has been sent, AI tools have been developed to help solve this.

Enter the live chat function, or a chatbot to be precise. While no one likes the idea of conversing with a machine, chatbots have the ability to guide a candidate through the application process and, most importantly, keep them informed as to where they are in the process and whether the position has been filled. Going one step further, some chatbots are even able to learn additional information about the candidate through these electronic exchanges, further enabling the recruiter to make a more informed decision.

Eliminating bias 
No recruiter likes to think of themselves as applying bias during the recruitment process, but, consciously or not, it happens. To illustrate, recruitment firm Hays conducted an experiment where they asked more than 1,000 hiring managers to judge a candidate’s attributes and suitability based on a CV. Half of them received one with the name Simon and the other said Susan, resulting in 62% stating they would probably interview Simon, whereas only 56% said the same about Susan. AI can help to eliminate this bias by removing personal information about the candidate and simply ranking and scoring them based on qualifications and skills alone.

It’s for these reasons, and many more, that recruiters should view AI developments as, not just a fix for everyday problems, but a tool that enables them to focus on what they do best – connecting and forming meaningful relationships with clients and candidates to provide the very best service.

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By UK Country Manager, Stephen Blackmore

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