Why recruitment business leaders need to embrace the digital workplace

While most recruitment businesses express the desire to undergo digital transformation in order to achieve optimum efficiency and deliver exceptional service, the prospect of developing a digital workplace can prove to be a task too daunting for most leaders to set into motion.

A recent study by Gartner found that enthusiasm for digital workplace initiatives was low among CEOs and business leaders, despite the fact that 58% consider business growth a top priority and IT a main area of improvement.

With the recruitment industry growing rapidly, and digital tools creating a more level playing field for start-ups, competition is fiercer than ever and those who fail to adopt digital practices face being left behind.

First of all, what is a digital workplace?

Put simply, it’s a space where people can work wherever and whenever they need to, using tools that eliminate time consuming, administrative processes. More broadly, a digital workplace should feature the technology to allow employees to connect and collaborate effortlessly and work from any place, at any time and on any device, providing real time information allowing them to make more informed decisions faster.

What benefits does a digital workplace offer to recruiters?

It brings the ability to streamline those processes that have grown ineffective over the years, like sifting through candidate CVs, establishing and maintaining clear channels of communication, arranging interviews and following up on applications, in order to save time and ensure faster hires.

Why should recruiters act now?

In the first instance, today’s technology has reached a level of maturity that means it can be fully and seamlessly integrated with processes. Also, organisational culture has moved beyond digital being viewed as merely a cost-saving exercise and more of a valuable asset in pushing forward businesses to ensure every person, in every part role, is utilised in the best way. There’s also the added fact that employees, who used to view digital as an intangible entity, are now in fact actively demanding these tools due to the approaches they’ve become accustomed to through platforms like social media.

When done properly, a digital workplace is not just a glorified technology project, but a gateway to achieving true cultural change for recruiters. It has the ability to launch businesses into the 21st century and deliver greater productivity, collaboration and innovation from a workforce that feels more motivated and creative. So, as daunting as it may seem, creating a digital workplace is nowhere near as scary as doing nothing and watching your business fall behind.

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