Don’t put up with inefficiencies any longer. It’s time to handle recruitment like an Aussie!

Imagine turning pay days into pay minutes

Aussie’s are lucky. We have beautiful beaches, sunny summer days and a lifestyle that is the envy of many around the world. This is why Aussie recruiters don’t waste time where they don’t have to. If there is a quicker way to do things, Aussie recruiters will do it.

Now UK recruiters can finally enjoy the same benefits. FastTrack360 has been helping Aussie recruiters save time, money and effort since 1993. With over 120 modern awards and agreements the Australian labour market is complicated and demanding. FastTrack360 has been working with the leading staffing organisations across ANZ to turn pay days into pay minutes – so you can spend more time doing what you want.

Imagine an 85% time saving on award interpretation. FastTrack360 Back Office with Time, Pay & Bill – does that. Without the risk of error or unnecessary double handling, it gives you processing accuracy with the smart tools to streamline workflows for better business performance.

On a single platform, seamlessly integrated with your front office, FastTrack360 Back Office is highly configurable to let you deliver business your way – and get results sooner for you, and your clients.

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“We have saved 2 days a week with FastTrack360.

We no longer have to manually enter data into multiple systems, which has not only saved us time each week but also reduced the costs of manual errors.”

Finance Director